genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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Refugio County, Texas


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 28.3059597222222, Longitude: -97.2750016666667


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Williams, Rufus Judson  19 Jan 1853Refugio County, Texas I167 Barber 
2 Rogers, Lieuen Brightman  Apr 1855Refugio County, Texas I894 Barber 
3 Brightman, Nancy V  1858Refugio County, Texas I902 Barber 
4 Barber, Elizabeth Caroline "Lyde"  14 Mar 1858Refugio County, Texas I178 Barber 
5 St John, Ellen Rebecca  1 Jul 1859Refugio County, Texas I3210 Barber 
6 St John, Albert  5 May 1861Refugio County, Texas I3212 Barber 
7 St John, Clara  24 Oct 1863Refugio County, Texas I3213 Barber 
8 St John, Edward William  11 Dec 1865Refugio County, Texas I3214 Barber 
9 St John, Lewis Timothy  1868Refugio County, Texas I3218 Barber 
10 St John, James  29 Sep 1868Refugio County, Texas I3215 Barber 
11 Dorsey, Rose Mary Grace  13 Jul 1869Refugio County, Texas I3300 Barber 
12 St John, Joseph  6 Oct 1873Refugio County, Texas I3216 Barber 
13 St John, Mary Lilly  4 Mar 1877Refugio County, Texas I3217 Barber 
14 Kelley, James Sutton "Jim"  8 Aug 1883Refugio County, Texas I523 Barber 
15 Bruchmiller, Paul  1 Oct 1890Refugio County, Texas I613 Barber 
16 St John, Rose  27 Mar 1902Refugio County, Texas I3308 Barber 
17 St John, John Jacob  Abt 1907Refugio County, Texas I3310 Barber 
18 Bruchmiller, Preston Paul  17 Jan 1923Refugio County, Texas I2573 Barber 


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Praide, Julia  Aft 1858Refugio County, Texas I279 Barber 
2 Winstead, Elizabeth  9 May 1861Refugio County, Texas I3420 Barber 
3 Miles, Zilla  23 Feb 1891Refugio County, Texas I1194 Barber 
4 Curbello, Andre Philemon (Henry Filmore)  24 Sep 1898Refugio County, Texas I1866 Barber 
5 Williams, Mourning  29 Sep 1905Refugio County, Texas I3412 Barber 
6 McDaniel, Nichols Reed  23 Apr 1906Refugio County, Texas I1149 Barber 
7 Huddleston, Joseph Alfred  16 Jan 1921Refugio County, Texas I879 Barber 
8 St John, Edward William  19 Mar 1937Refugio County, Texas I3214 Barber 
9 Frazar, Nancy Amerintha  20 Feb 1938Refugio County, Texas I1867 Barber 
10 St John, Mary Lilly  26 Apr 1944Refugio County, Texas I3217 Barber 
11 St John, Clara  26 Jul 1944Refugio County, Texas I3213 Barber 
12 Myers, William Amos  2 Jul 1967Refugio County, Texas I3361 Barber 
13 Barber, Walter Roger (Pete)  18 Dec 1971Refugio County, Texas I1854 Barber 
14 Hall, Eva  23 Jun 1983Refugio County, Texas I3362 Barber 
15 Barber, Franklin Rhesa (Booger)  Abt 1993Refugio County, Texas I1852 Barber 


Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barber / Williams  25 Oct 1864Refugio County, Texas F391 Barber 
2 Barber / McDaniel  2 Mar 1870Refugio County, Texas F303 Barber 
3 Williams / Newman  3 Aug 1875Refugio County, Texas F300 Barber 
4 Coward / St John  29 Apr 1883Refugio County, Texas F1121 Barber 
5 St John / Dorsey  18 Jan 1892Refugio County, Texas F1147 Barber 
6 Barber / Hatcher  23 May 1897Refugio County, Texas F358 Barber 
7 Barber / Jackson  20 Dec 1899Refugio County, Texas F364 Barber 
8 Myers / Barber  18 Nov 1903Refugio County, Texas F1183 Barber 
9 Myers / Hall  6 Jun 1929Refugio County, Texas F1184 Barber 
10 St John / Evans  7 Mar 1930Refugio County, Texas F1160 Barber