genealogy of the Barber family of Texas, Alaska, and Idaho
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Humphreys County, Tennessee


Tree: Barber
Latitude: 35.9058333333333, Longitude: -87.8502777777778


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hooper, Demcy J "Demsey"  Abt 1812Humphreys County, Tennessee I59 Barber 
2 Hatcher, James Alfred  Mar 1821Humphreys County, Tennessee I941 Barber 
3 Hatcher, Robbert Browden "Bob"  8 Jan 1826Humphreys County, Tennessee I952 Barber 
4 Hatcher, Wesley James  Abt 1829Humphreys County, Tennessee I50 Barber 
5 Hooper, Susan  Abt 1831Humphreys County, Tennessee I43 Barber 
6 Hooper, Lankford C.  Abt 1839Humphreys County, Tennessee I44 Barber 
7 Hatcher, Nathan Carroll  Apr 1844Humphreys County, Tennessee I852 Barber 
8 Hooper, Mary  Abt 1845Humphreys County, Tennessee I45 Barber 
9 Hatcher, William C.  17 Jul 1847Humphreys County, Tennessee I874 Barber 
10 Hatcher, Mary Ellen  Abt 1852Humphreys County, Tennessee I863 Barber 
11 Hatcher, Charlotte  Abt 1854Humphreys County, Tennessee I24 Barber 
12 Hatcher, James Riley  23 Feb 1856Humphreys County, Tennessee I885 Barber 
13 Hatcher, Rufus Lawrence  17 Feb 1858Humphreys County, Tennessee I30 Barber 
14 Hatcher, Amanda Angeline "Mandy"  Abt 1859Humphreys County, Tennessee I31 Barber 
15 Hatcher, Franklin Monroe  7 Jun 1861Humphreys County, Tennessee I34 Barber 
16 Hatcher, Nancy Caroline "Lina"  18 Feb 1862Humphreys County, Tennessee I781 Barber 
17 Hatcher, William Nathan Nimrod  Jul 1864Humphreys County, Tennessee I788 Barber 
18 Hatcher, Benjamin Lafayette  8 Apr 1866Humphreys County, Tennessee I37 Barber 
19 Hatcher, Mary Susan  21 Aug 1869Humphreys County, Tennessee I790 Barber 
20 Hatcher, James Langford  8 Jul 1871Humphreys County, Tennessee I796 Barber 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hooper, Lankford C.  Humphreys County, Tennessee I44 Barber 
2 Hooper, Bailey  Abt 1854Humphreys County, Tennessee I54 Barber 
3 Hatcher, Martha Elizabeth  18 Aug 1855Humphreys County, Tennessee I49 Barber 
4 Craft, Louisa  5 Mar 1856Humphreys County, Tennessee I830 Barber 
5 Hooper, William M  27 Dec 1860Humphreys County, Tennessee I57 Barber 
6 Hatcher, John  Aug 1869Humphreys County, Tennessee I896 Barber 
7 Hatcher, William F.  17 Dec 1885Humphreys County, Tennessee I918 Barber 
8 Hatcher, Amanda Angeline "Mandy"  Nov 1886Humphreys County, Tennessee I31 Barber 
9 Sizemore, Mary Ann  25 Feb 1890Humphreys County, Tennessee I29 Barber 
10 Hooper, Demcy J "Demsey"  9 Aug 1894Humphreys County, Tennessee I59 Barber 
11 Hatcher, Robbert Browden "Bob"  2 Feb 1897Humphreys County, Tennessee I952 Barber 
12 Hatcher, James Alfred  7 May 1905Humphreys County, Tennessee I941 Barber 
13 Craft, Charlotte Temple  21 Apr 1909Humphreys County, Tennessee I53 Barber 
14 Hatcher, William C.  30 Jun 1915Humphreys County, Tennessee I874 Barber 
15 Hatcher, Rufus Lawrence  12 Feb 1937Humphreys County, Tennessee I30 Barber 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Robbins / Hatcher  Humphreys County, Tennessee F270 Barber 
2 Hatcher / Craft  Abt 1860Humphreys County, Tennessee F283 Barber 
3 Hatcher / Hooper  25 Aug 1860Humphreys County, Tennessee F140 Barber 
4 Hatcher / Hooper  3 Dec 1867Humphreys County, Tennessee F272 Barber 
5 Hatcher / Halbrook  3 Jan 1876Humphreys County, Tennessee F274 Barber 
6 Hatcher / Curtis  Abt 1877Humphreys County, Tennessee F277 Barber 
7 Thomas / Hatcher  1 Sep 1879Humphreys County, Tennessee F278 Barber 
8 Hatcher / Collier  20 Dec 1879Humphreys County, Tennessee F279 Barber 
9 Hatcher / Avery  11 Sep 1889Humphreys County, Tennessee F281 Barber